Turfnet SA specializes in producing high-quality compost for golf courses, homes, and villages. With a focus on sustainability, our compost is made from locally sourced materials and helps to enrich soil health. While we also offer landscaping services, we believe that our compost is the cornerstone of creating thriving green spaces that benefit both people and the planet.

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Turfnet SA is committed to producing the highest quality compost for golf courses, homes, and villages. Our compost not only enriches soil health, but also promotes mesmerizing and vibrant landscapes. By using locally sourced materials and advanced composting techniques, we are able to create a sustainable product that is both effective and eco-friendly. With Turfnet SA, you can trust that your green spaces will be both beautiful and sustainable.

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Imagine if you could keep your gardens healthy all year round, without having to spend endless amounts of money on fertilizers - one day for extra nitrogen, another for mre phosphate, and yet another, for extra potassium? Can you always be sure which one to use, and when?

What if you knew that Mother Nature herself has provided everything your soil needs to regenerate itself, and for your gardens and plants to thrive in it?

Year after year. 

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Dainfern College
Kyalami Park Club
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